Wireless internet access in the UK

Our hotspots in the UK

We've over 5 million hotspots throughout the UK. To use them, you need a BT Wi-fi voucher or subscription account, or the free BT Wi-fi you get with BT Broadband and BT Mobile. With BT Wi-fi, you can get online at:

BT Wi-fi premium hotspots

Get BT Wi-fi access as and when you need it in premium locations throughout the UK:

  • Thistle, Hilton and Hastings hotels
  • Starbucks, coffee shops, railway stations and shopping areas
  • conference centres, exhibition venues and law courts
  • airport lounges and terminals such as Etihad Airways, American Airlines and Flybe
  • Welcome Break motorway service station.

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Look out for the BT Wi-fi or BT Openzone sign at these well-known locations:

Thistle Hotels Hilton Welcome Break

If you can't see a BT Wi-fi or BT Wi-fi network partner sign, simply start your wireless device and view available wireless networks to see if you're in range.

BT Wi-fi Home Hubs, Business Hubs and BT Mobile – free wi-fi on the go

You can also get wi-fi in over 5 million hotspots throughout the UK. If you're a BT Broadband customer, you get free wi-fi with your broadband. By agreeing to securely share a portion of your wi-fi bandwidth through a separate channel on your BT Hub, you let others get online when your Hub's turned on. In return, you can use others' active Hubs to get wi-fi internet access when you're away from home.

If you’re a BT Mobile customer you can get free wi-fi as part of your plan.

If you're not a BT Broadband or BT Mobile customer, you can buy BT Wi-fi voucher or subscription, or a Fon pass to enjoy wireless internet access in thousands of locations.

To find out more about BT broadband for home use, go to http://www.bt.com/broadband

To find out more about BT Mobile, go to http://www.bt.com/mobile

To find out about BT broadband for business use, go to http://business.bt.com/broadband

Wireless broadband access in city centres

You can now enjoy the freedom to connect to an extensive high-speed public wireless network in many UK cities.

This means you don't have to actually find a wi-fi hotspot in order to connect to the internet, as you'll already be in a
wi-fi internet outdoor coverage area, or wireless network, while out and about. So, with BT Wi-fi, you don't just get easy-to-use high-speed wireless broadband access in thousands of hotspots, you also enjoy convenient outdoor coverage in major city centres or 'wireless cities', including Westminster in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff, Glasgow and Newcastle.


Find your nearest Starbucks hotspot and get online while you have a coffee break.


About BT Wi‑fi

BT Wi-fi is a great way to get online at over 5 million hotspots throughout the UK and Ireland and over 65,000 wi‑fi hotspots worldwide.