GAME level up with BT Wi-fi

Gamers are always looking to get interactive in-store, and to do so they need to be connected there and then. With BT Wi-fi, GAME’s customers are now able to get online quickly and safely. And because customers can play before they pay, GAME now offers more than a fun shopping experience, they offer a social experience.

With over 340 stores and a strong online presence, GAME is the UK’s leading high-street videogames retailer. To keep that title, they needed to give their customers a great in-store experience.

GAME’s needs

  • A single network provider that doubles as a strategic partner
  • To keep up with the gaming world’s digital evolution
  • Give customers the ability to play before they pay
  • Let them test out the products and have a sociable experience

BT Wi-fi’s solution

  • To think strategically and give expert advice
  • Create a jointly branded GAME-BT hotspot log-in page
  • Do everything from installation to long-term support
  • Provide the connection for an interactive experience

GAME want to bring brilliance to the UK gaming community. Great wi-fi plays a strong part in this, it’s key to their long-term strategy and success. They needed to level up, and keep up with the fast-paced gaming world by improving interactivity in-store.

‘‘[Customers] want and expect stores to have wi-fi so they can download content.’’ Andy Grainger, IT Director at GAME

This is something BT recognised. As part of our proactive approach, we joined GAME’s strategy sessions and helped shape ideas that would meet the company’s — and the gamers’ — needs.

Our BT Wi-fi team installed the network at a remarkable rate, meeting GAME’s pace. And while getting everything in place, we acted just as quickly to sort out any problems, thanks to the team’s expert knowledge of customer touch points — everything from mobiles and apps, to content and social media.

‘‘To get everything done in two to three months is quite a challenge — and it’s impressive that BT has done all that.’’ Andy Grainger

Before, GAME had multiple suppliers, overcomplicating the system and increasing costs. Now with BT on board for telecoms and BT Wi-fi for their new network, GAME have a simple and more manageable setup. And all access points are managed by the team at BT Wi-fi Customer Service Operations Centre, who make sure everything runs smoothly.

Now GAME customers can make the most of their visit, getting online for free and enjoying all the in-store experiences. This interaction draws more gamers into the store and doesn’t affect GAME’s network security. It’s a win-win situation.

‘‘Our stores will be even more exciting places to shop as we offer our customers seamless shopping experience.’’ Andy Grainger