glh guests sleep better with BT Wi-fi

Free wi-fi has become as important as a good night’s sleep. But in today’s world, that isn’t all that surprising. glh wanted to go beyond their customers needs and provide an unmatchable wi-fi service. We worked quickly and carefully, installing BT Wi-fi throughout their hotels, and now their guests can access a wi-fi service that’s even better than a good night’s sleep.

glh needs

  • To give guests the best wi-fi experience
  • A fast, hassle-free installation
  • A consistent connection that works through the hotels
  • Individual consideration for each installation

BT Wi-fi’s solution

  • Install the service without closing the hotels
  • Understand the infrastructure of each hotel
  • Provide a strong, reliable service in every space

glh have 36 hotels across the UK, 15 of which are in London, where competition is especially high. Knowing the value of great wi-fi, glh wanted to give their guests the best wi-fi experience they’d ever achieved — better than at home, and better than the competition. And they chose BT Wi-fi.

‘‘We chose BT because of their scale and experience. We’ve got a wide selection of buildings that we need to put wi-fi in.’’ Chris Hewertson, CTO, glh

glh wanted to move at speed, installing superfast, free, unlimited wi-fi with the simplest connection — just one click. We worked closely with the general manager from each hotel and their IT department, this collaboration made sure everything ran smoothly. During the installations, every hotel stayed open and we worked with minimal disruption. As each building has a different structure, we tailored each installation, considering the exact location of 2,800 access points. With this planning we could keep the wi-fi connection consistent throughout the hotels.

‘‘Pillars, mirrors, the changing dynamics of a building, a decorator knocking an access point — these buildings move and live, and BT understand that.’’ Chris Hewertson

glh is now one of BT Wi-fi’s biggest partners. And since the installation, wi-fi usage has sky-rocketed, proving guests really wanted the service. In fact, glh have seen a 13% increase in loyalty, and have had a growth in business-to-business custom with their hotels hosting even more major conferences.

‘‘In the last year there were over one billion minutes used on the wi-fi network in their hotels. And for me, that says that it’s really working for their customers, the customers are really valuing it, and it will be driving repeat business for their hotels.’’ Pete Oliver, MD Commercial Marketing and Digital BT Consumer