Hilton expands BT Wi-fi from bar to bed

A good hotel experience revolves around one thing: excellent customer service. With wi-fi playing a big part in how guests rate their experience, Hilton Worldwide knew they needed to improve their existing service. We installed wi-fi throughout their hotels, expanding the current BT Wi-fi connection; now guests can get online everywhere, from foyer to pillow.

Hilton’s needs

  • Meet the ever-increasing demand for public access wi-fi
  • Continue great customer experience
  • To work with a reliable, trusted partner

BT Wi-fi’s solution

  • Ensure the installation is swift and hassle-free
  • Provide a fast, reliable network throughout the hotels
  • Stand as a trusted network provider

Hilton’s hotel empire spans more than 90 countries, with over 100 hotels in the UK and Ireland alone. They know hospitality like the back of their hand, and they saw the demand for wi-fi grow right in front of them: their guests’ service needs now centre around wi-fi. Determined to provide the best possible experience for their guests, Hilton knew they needed to expand the existing BT Wi-fi service beyond public areas — they needed to provide room service.

‘‘Across Hilton a huge volume of guests travel with smartphones and tablets. They require internet connectivity 24/7 and they need wi-fi.’’ Neil Murray, Director of Brand & Guest Technology

They needed a powerful, reliable wi-fi system that would provide a consistently strong connection to accommodate all types of guest. From lone business travellers to families, many guests have multiple devices and expect each piece of tech to have an uninterrupted wi-fi connection.

Having worked with Hilton Worldwide for over ten years, we are one of five trusted partners, and were chosen to advance their connection from bar to bedroom. BT Wi-fi was introduced as a service within Hilton’s global wi-fi brand, StayConnected.

‘‘StayConnected provides a key competitive advantage for Hilton by delivering consistency regardless of which one of our hotels or brands a guest may stay, worldwide. BT Wi-fi is a perfect fit for our UK and Ireland regions and has been a terrific partner.’’ John Flack, Vice President Core Technical Services

By expanding connectivity, 18,000 rooms across the UK and Ireland are now BT Wi-fi enabled. And, our network is fully supported to accommodate the ever-growing number of people and devices. That’s a lot of happy guests, who are even happier to return.

‘‘BT Wi-fi gave us a complete technology refresh and 100% connectivity to all guests’ rooms. They all have tremendous amounts of backhaul and extra bandwidth to cope with future demand’’ Neil Murray