BT Wi-fi and restaurants, bars and cafes

Smartphones and tablets now live in most people’s pockets; the need for quality wi-fi when drinking or dining out is at its peak. With over ten years’ experience, we’ve seen the demand escalate. And we’ll complete the job with minimum disruption and maximum speed.

Wi-fi is has big benefits for your brand. Customers will choose your place over the wi-fi-less competition. A great internet connection means your customers can stay in touch and stay up-to-date — they can feel at home. Wi-fi is a must for your customers, making it a must for you.

‘‘More and more customers keep in touch with the office or hold work meetings at our pubs during the day. On evening and weekends, visitors can catch up on the day’s goings-on or keeping a check on the sports. Free wi-fi ticks the box on all counts and adds to the already social atmosphere.’’ Andy Maynard, IT Manager, Young & Co.’s Brewery Plc

The number of people posting about food and drink on social media is huge. From hashtags to check-ins, millions of people are sharing what they’re eating and where. With your own customers promoting your brand left, right and centre, it’s an essential time for your business to be online.

37% choose coffee shops on quality of free wi-fi over quality of drinks*

* Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd

Go big

Connecting all of your spaces can seem like a big step, but it’s a great one to take. In just over a decade we’ve completed more than 400,000 installations – so we’ve had tonnes of practice. A great wi-fi service is not just on the mind of locals, people on holiday or business trips look for a connection they can trust to avoid using their own data and racking up a large bill — they’ll bring their custom to you.

‘‘Some of our locations are perfect for visitors from abroad. When deciding where to eat, they look for wi-fi access so they can check in with what’s happening back home and upload their messages and pictures whilst in London. And, a lot of local visitors and business people need and like to read and reply to emails while dining with us.’’ Stefana Lavarini, Spaghetti House, London

When it comes down to it, the statistics say it all.

36% would visit a food and drink outlet again if it had wi-fi

61% search for a wi-fi hotspot when drinking and dining out

28% use wi-fi at eateries to find vouchers and discounts**

**ICM Research for BT Wi-fi 2013

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