BT Wi-fi and hotels

We work with hotels all over the UK and Ireland, connecting every guest room, meeting space, corridor, bar and lounge to deliver a smooth service throughout. We make sure your guests receive the wi-fi service that matches your brand.

Providing a great wi-fi service instantly makes your guests more comfortable; they can kick back, relax and connect — and they’re far more likely to stay again. You can capture data to learn more about their wi-fi usage, tailoring your communications to promote the services they want.

‘‘For us, ensuring we could offer speedy, strong wi-fi was absolutely crucial. And, (BT’s) planning, implementation and execution were impressive. Because of the solid installation and backhaul across all hotels, we can provide a great service to guests.’’ Neil Murray, Director Brand & Guest Technology, Hilton Worldwide

It’s all about choice

Choose from options to incorporate wi-fi use into room bills or straight onto customer credit/debit cards — linking into your Property Management System (PMS) — ideal for business travellers wanting everything on one bill.

Through loyalty schemes you can give your most valued guests free or reduced-rate wi-fi, and generate access codes with different bandwidth limits.

Plus, with our UK helpdesk we’re always on hand to help your guests and solve any problems, either through you or directly to your guests.

‘‘I received a great service from BT Wi-fi. A Diamond VIP was experiencing issues with the network, BT’s service rep took time out of his day to rectify the problem – and our guest experienced a faultless service since.’’ Martin R Bradnam, Hotel Manager at Hilton Hotels & Resorts
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